A fuel card is a payment card for diesel, petrol and AdBlue.

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A fuel card allows you to monitor and keep track of your company’s fuel costs.

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 Euro Oil Fuel Card

Whatever your fleet size, the idea with fuel cards is the same: when you fill up at any Applegreen or Certa core stations in Ireland you fill up your tank and use your fuel card as payment (no money is charged at that point), and at the end of the week you will be invoiced for the amount of fuel used, at a preferential rate to the pump price.

Each transaction is recorded against each fuel card, where you’ll then receive weekly invoices and usage reports. Fuel cards are a secure option to ensure your fleet is efficiently fuelled. An itemised consumption report monitors fuel usage, while chip and pin technology safeguard you from fraud.

Fuel Card Benefits

Competitive Prices

Competitive petrol, diesel, and AdBlue prices.

Quick Activation

Cards activated & and posted same day application form is received. (Subject to approval).

No Charges

Interest-free credit and no card/admin charges are guaranteed.

Many Locations

Convenient refuelling locations at petrol stations nationwide

More Secure

Eliminates the need to carry large cash floats and cuts fraud down to a minimum.

Limit Option

Option to limit weekly usage of cards.

Complete Control

Puts you in complete control of your fleet's operational costs.

Additional Fuel Cards

Additional fuel cards may be requested at any time at no additional costs.